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Slim USB C to USB A Adapter Converter Connector

We have just got a batch of: Slim USB C to USB A Adapter Converter Connectors Basically these are adaptors for newer technology to be backwards compatible with older technology. Say for instance you buy a new phone, it'll have USB C-Type connect as everything release since 2016 probably will have. Yet your stereo or your PC only has a USB Type-A (older) connector. Here's some additional information: Portable 'USB female type-C connector' to a 'USB male type-A connector' Includes standard postal delivery within Ireland (see below). Available in silver or black. USB Type-C is the cable connection of the future, It's smaller, faster and can transmit data, display and even power all at the same time. Chances are if you buy any new device it'll have a USB type-C connector on it. However all the rest of your technology may be using the older USB type-A connectors? If that's the case then you'll need this converter! Put simply, it allows you to plug